Hey there! I'm James, photographer extraordinaire. 

Just kidding, I'm 

not that self-absorbed. Allow 

me to salvage this first impression by talking about myself some more:

I've been captivated by the natural beauty of our world from a young age, but I never did anything besides simply appreciate it...until one fateful day when I picked up a camera! Well, an iPhone, but still. From that point on, my love for photography has grown into an absolute passion that has expanded not only my visual perspective but my life perspective as well. Being behind the lens allows me to take a step back to become present & truly appreciate the endless wonder that surrounds us.

When we're working together, before anything else, I am first a friend. While I do practice healthy professionalism each & every step of the way, I believe the best photos are produced when there's a relaxed vibe between us. That way you can unleash those natural smiles & let your light shine authentically!

Whatever the need for a photographer, it'd be an honor to capture the moment.

- James

(also known as J-Lest, my gangsta rap alias...don't worry about it.)

Looking to book? Got questions? Hit me up! I'd love to chat with you.

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Well, that's it for me. This has been great!

I'll leave you with a little inspirational quote:

A leader is not someone who says: ‘Follow me.’ A leader is someone who says: ‘I’ll go first.’
— Neale Donald Walsch

I don't think that quote is referring to Instagram though, so in that case, please follow me.

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